Books and fees

Felix-Klein-Gymnasium is a state-funded school and we do not charge any school fees. For particicpation in the IBDP students have to pay the examination fees, which are about € 510.

Please go ahead and purchase the course books ahead of the start of the school year (see book list). Some course books are also available as ebooks.

You also need a calculator (see book list) and the usual stationary. All students at FKG pay a fee of 15€/year for media and digital administration. Further costs occur for excursions and a course trip.

All students in the IBDP at FKG use Apple iPads including a digital pencil during classes. Please make sure to bring one on the first day of school. We strongly recommend using a keyboard in addition.

The IB fees can be found at the IB website Assessment fees for Diploma Programme.

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