IB Subjects available at Felix-Klein-Gymnasium Goettingen

Six academic subjects and a core of three components

Normally six academic subjects must be chosen, one from each of the six subject groups. Three of these subjects are at higher level (HL), three at Standard Level (SL). If the IB DIploma is to be recognized for access to university in Germany, special conditions must be fulfilled as to the choice of subjects and levels.

It is possible to do four HL subjects or to start with four HL subjects and convert one of them into an SL subject later on. Unlike in the German system, the results of an HL course do not count more than those of an SL course.

The subject results are graded according to a grade scheme from 7 marks (best) to 1 mark (very poor). Further marks can be obtained by scoring the highest grades in Theory and Knowledge and the Extended Essay, which together can contribute a maximum of 3 marks to the total of the six academic subjects.

Furthermore, the CAS requirements must have been fulfilled. These do not contribute to the total of marks, which must be at least 24 in principle. Without either the CAS results, the Extended Essay or the TOK results, no diploma will be awarded, but only certificates for successfully doing the respective subjects of groups one to six. Certificates can not be converted into a Hochschulzugangsberechtigung in Germany.

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