IB-Biology Course outline HL / SL

A practical approach to a wide range of biological topics

The IB Biology course provides opportunities for scientific study and creativity within a global context

The course outline covers a wide range of topics thus providing students with a body of knowledge. In the core basic biological topics such as cells, genetics and human health are mandatory. Options and additional higher level material cover topics like plant science, neurobiology and biotechnology.

In IB-Biology special emphasis is put upon practical work. Students are encouraged to design investigations, collect and process data and evaluate their results. They develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesize scientific information. Furthermore they improve their manipulative skills by using lab equipment and getting to know a range of scientific techniques.

During the Group-4-Project students work on interdisciplinary investigations following their own research questions. This encourages their understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines. Besides the scientific skills students improve their personal skills such as working together and contributing as an individual to the group.


The assessment is split into external assessment covered by three final exams that count for 76 % of the final grade and internal assessment. For the internal assessment (24%) the practical investigations have to be documented according to IB standards.

Subject Brief: Biology SL / HL

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