Subjects Group 1

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

At FKG, we offer English A and German A as school-taught courses, plus almost any other Language A as a self-taught course.

Any student in the Diploma Programme enrolls in at least one course from Group 1.

You can enroll in up to three courses from this group, if you like. Courses in this group are aimed at native speakers or speakers with a very good command of the language of the course.
At FKG, you can choose English A: Language and Literature and/or German A: Language and Literature as school-taught courses.

Find the official IB Course Outline for Language A: Language and Literature here.

If you have a different or an additional language you speak very well, you can choose to pursue studies of the literature of this language on your own, with a mentor, but without classes in school, in the course Language A: Literature School-Supported Self-Taught.

Find the official IB Course Outline for Language A: Literature here.

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