IB Diploma

IB World School Felix-Klein-Gymnasium Göttingen

Felix-Klein-Gymnasium has been an IB World School since December 2007. The first IB cohort started its IB Diploma Programme in August 2008 and the first exam took place in 2010.

The Diploma Programme covers years 12 and 13. Students are mainly international students lacking the level of German required to successfully take part in the German educational system, or German nationals who have lived abroad for a long time. Apart from that, there are students from the school itself, but not necessarily and exclusively from its bilingual section, but also from other schools in Göttingen and from the region surrounding Göttingen.

The programme was actually initiated with international students in mind, those who had little or no knowledge of the German language, but are willing to prepare themselves to study at German universities.

In years 5 to 10 there is one learning group in each cohort that does several subjects in English (Bilingual Class). Younger students who arrive in Göttingen without appropriate skills in German receive extra German lessons to improve their command of German (Sprachlernklasse). Still, extra lessons outside school classes are normally required to gain a working knowledge of the language as soon as possible that allows students to be successful and content at school. Progress depends on individual effort and attitude to a very high degree.

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