Reading Competition

Reading Competition Grade 7

It’s not about simply reading out a story – it’s about catching the audience’s attention, creating suspense, bringing emotions to life, opening a window to another world, taking the listeners on a journey they will never forget…. and as if that weren’t enough – paying attention to your voice, tone, intonation, pace, pronunciation, and interaction with the audience.
No problem, right?
For Lian Duwe (7a1), Judith Böhm (7a2), Frida Wiedmann (7a3), Tanvi Mandha (7bil) and Ivano Bandic (7mint) it wasn’t a problem at all. They all participated in our annual schoolwide English reading competition for grade 7 and did a fabulous job. 
After winning the first round - the class competition - they competed against each other in the school’s final in two rounds. In the first round a familiar text (which the readers had chosen and prepared before) had to be read to the jury, whereas the second round was about reading out an unknown text spontaneously. The jury - consisting of three teachers and three students from class 9bil – had a tough decision to make. But in the end, Tanvi Mandha from the 7bil convinced the jury the most and won the FKG reading competition. She will have the chance to represent the FKG in the city-wide English reading competition in June.
The second place went to Ivano Bandic (7mint) and Frida Wiedmann (7a3) finished third. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all the contestant for participating in the contest!
Lastly, a special thanks goes to the members of the jury – the teachers Mrs. Neumann, Mr. Glowsky, Mr. Höffker and the students Minel Düsüner, Jonah Johnson and Jorin Lux from 9bil. And especially to Mrs. Kreutz, our librarian, who supported us in organizing the competition!

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