'Red Hand Day' am FKG: Aktion gegen Kindersoldaten

CAS project: Red Hand Day

12th February is the Red Hand Day, a worldwide campaign to stop the use of child soldiers in many countries over the last 10 years. The main goals of this event are to raise awareness among the youth about child soldiers and to show empathy and elicit action. A stall was set up in the school lobby as well as a beamer showing videos about children deprived from their rights. Students were invited to participate in voicing their opinion on this issue by having their hands painted in red and printed onto a large white cloth which represents them saying "STOP" to the misuse of children's rights. Thomas Oppermann, vice president of the German Bundestag, member of the SPD, visited the school's Red Hand Day stall and added his own handprint to the numerous others on the FKG cloth. This cloth, along with other Red Hand Day cloths from schools in Goettingen, are given to him as an act of protest. A total of 108 handprints were collected.

Chelsea, George, Leen, Lena, Jiwoo (IB19)