Bilingual Education at Felix-Klein-Gymnasium Göttingen

Education in German and English

In 1990 bilingual education started at FKG. It offers students an opportunity to choose several subjects being taught in English to stimulate their language use in daily school life and considerably imporve the command of English. Originally the bilingual branch at FKG had been created for German students interested in getting routine in the use of English. In the meantime it has developed into a programme that makes it much easier for students from foreign countries to integrate in our educational system. Doing some subjects in English allows studens to participate and learn from the very first day, at least in these subjects. The school does its part to help new students to learn German and find their way in a new school and maybe different culture. But it is mainly the willingness to learn and accept things unfamiliar so far that are required from the side of the student. Learning German, like learning any other foreign language, is a worthwhile experience providinga student with much more than some language skills. Knowing one's way in German offers many opportunities, especially when living in the country. A good command of German is necessary for working or studying here.