Learning German at FKG

A Special Language Class

Moving to a new place, especially in another country, means to get accustomed to a different world in many respects. At FKG we try to make it easier for students to learn how to cope in this new world with its:

  • new physical and social surroundings
  • different culture with its own manners and conventions
  • new friends
  • new language that is supposed to be difficult

Actually, there is no really easy language. Accept the challenge and learn this new language where it is easiest, in Germany! And don’t be afraid of making mistakes!

Apart from the language, there are many more things to learn and understand before you can feel at home. This can be exciting, exhausting but also frustrating. That is why we want to support new students to get through this phase of acclimatization more easily and smoothly. 

An important key to this new life is the language, of course. It is the crucial means of communication and understanding. Your new mates at FKG speak and understand English, of course, but you will need some
proficiency of German in your leisure time and at school. Even in the bilingual classes most subjects are taught in German.

Therefore, our new students have to learn German in years 5 to 10. For them, we offer a special language class at FKG. Besides the daily lessons in the regular class all new students from abroad spend two lessons a day in an international group of learners where they share their experiences and improve their German skills.

Here they are taught German as a second language. Here they are introduced to the German way of life at FKG and in Göttingen. Here they learn about different subjects like math or political science, or biology in German.


And together, they leave the class room to visit important places and landmarks of the city of Göttingen, getting to know supermarkets as well as libraries or administration offices in the town hall.

Our students from abroad attend this obligatory class until they are able to take part in all regular German classes.