Admission to the IB Diploma Programme at FKG

Necessary documentation for enrolling at Felix-Klein-Gymnasium

To register for the IBDP at Felix-Klein-Gymnasium students need a good command of English as all subjects apart from foreign languages are taught in English. The normal point of entry is after year 10. German students must have been awarded Erweiterter Sekundarabschluss nach Klasse 10, i.e. they must have gained permission to continue schooling in Qualifikationsphase which leads to the national examination Abitur in years 11 and 12. Foreign students must prove similar qualifications, such as the IGCSE. For further details please contact the school.

The following are necessary for enrolling a student for the IBDP at FKG:

Proof of fulfilling the entrance requirements

The last two report cards (plus explanation on the grading system)

List of schooling so far (names of schools and years; e.g. Svalbard Primary School: August 2004 to June 2006)

Birth certificate

Address and further contact information (including parents' and student's email and phone)

Signature of parent / legal guardian