IB Visual Arts in Goettingen

Me and the other – an exploration of sociocultural differences and values

The Visual arts course focuses on students' interests and encourages them to develop independent ideas as well as to locate these within international contexts. In the production of personal relevant artworks students respond visually to individual and cultural experiences. This way they can extend their limits and improve or discover new techniques to express their thoughts and feelings.

                                international contexts and cultural significances
                                                    Viola Wiegand (2009)


The practical exploration is supported by contextual, visual and critical investigation. First-hand observations in museums and galleries help to develop an understanding of different art concepts and to enhance their understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of visual arts.

gallery visit
Viola Wiegand: 2009


Art history is covered throughout the course by comparison of different art movements, their purposes and aims.


                       art concepts: Cubism             
                        Leonie Schröder: 2010              


The final examination is based on an exhibition showing the record of investigation in workbooks as well as the studio work that has been produced throughout the course. The topics for this are chosen and developed by the students. They could centre for example on the self or on the individual & society.


                                                             studio work: Self-portraits                        
                 Viola Wiegand 2009                                                       Maike Greve 2010


The assessment focuses more on the creative, independent and personal approach than on the perfection of technical skills. As the IB Visual Arts program promotes the natural curiosity of students and helps encourages them to take risks, the studio work can cover a wide range of techniques and art concepts.







                          chairs                                                                       black & white


                       toothpicks                                                                        plaster
                  Victor Hogrefe 2011                                                         Meike Hamm 2011




charcoal & watercolors o paper
Maike Greve 2010




The heads of society
Leonie Schröder 2010