IB History at FKG

Nature of the subject and objectives

History (HIS) in the IB Diploma Programme is a demanding but rewarding subject.

It allows you to

  •  learn about past events and their significance
  •  develop an understanding of causes and effects in past, present and future
  •  consider and evaluate alternatives
  •  discuss and judge from a moral point of view (TOK links are abundand)
  •  learn how to write well-structured and convincing essays
  •  learn to use evidence to support your arguments
  •  learn about opposing views and
  •  be able to form your own opinion.


History SL: 20th century history


History HL

Note: If HIS is chosen as HL subject, the topics to be dealt with in addition to the topics above are agreed upon by students and teacher before the course starts. The assessment is slightly different, since in addition to the two papers mentioned above, HL students have to write a third paper as well.

HL options

The HL options provide an opportunity for in-depth study of the history of a particular region. Teachers should select one of the following four HL regional options.

  • History of Africa and the Middle East
  • History of the Americas
  • History of Asia and Oceania
  • History of Europe

For whichever region is selected, three sections must be studied from a choice of 18 sections for each region.


Requirements and assessment

Every HIS student is required to perform a written Historical Investigation (HI) of 2,200 words on a subject related to the HIS curriculum (for a current example see below). This HI is graded by the teacher who runs the course and contributes 25% to the final course grade. The remaining 75% are obtained during the two final exams called paper 1 and paper 2 (for HL students see below). Paper 1 is source based and takes 1 hour and contributes 30% to the final grade, it consist of four "short-answer questions"/"structured questions" on the prescribed subject (see below). Paper 2 takes 1 hour 30 minutes and contributes 45% to the final grade, it consists of writing two essays on the two topics dealt with in the course.