German B at FKG Goettingen

German as a Foreign Language

German B is a language learning course designed for students with some previous knowledge of the target language. It is offered at higher level (HL), with literature as an additional component of the curriculum.

The aim of this course is to enable students to communicate successfully in a range of contexts in an environment where the language is spoken, and to promote an understanding of German culture along with an awareness of cultural diversity.

The language B curriculum focuses on the learning of language through meaning. It is organized through a core and options, plus two literary works, geared to providing an intercultural understanding. The course draws on multimedia approaches, making use of printed texts as well as documentary and artistic films, of computers and the FKG language lab to enhance the students' receptive, productive and interactive skills.

In the examination at the end of the two year course, the students' receptive and written productive skills as well as their individual and interactive oral performance are assessed.